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Reporting Radiation Exposure Information
to the NRC

Annual reports of occupational radiation exposure are required to be reported to NRC under 10 CFR 20.2206 on or before April 30th of each year.

As of March, 2002, licensees now have the option of submitting electronic data files containing annual exposure records to the NRC via this web site, using secure Internet communication protocols.

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Submit via web page

The REIRS web site can now receive electronic data files using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) within your web browser to protect sensitive data in transit via the Internet using 256-bit encryption. The data files are protected during transfer from the user PC to the web server, and during storage and processing of the records. For more information on data security, contact Technical Support.

  1. Review the Data Submittal

    Review the annual records of occupational exposure as you have in previous years. As an aid, you can use the REIRView software which will examine the file for format and content and provide a summary of the data, as well as a detailed list of errors or warnings encountered in the data file.

  2. Send Cover Letter to NRC

    For your official records, please send an official transmittal letter to the NRC as directed in Regulatory Guide 8.7. Include in this letter that the data file was submitted via the REIRS web page, the date submitted, and any additional information needed to process the data file.

  3. Submit Data

    Submit the data file using the web link provided below. Print and save the submittal confirmation for your records.

  4. Verify distribution

    Upon receipt of the data file, a summary report will be generated that will identify any errors or warnings encounted in the data file, as well as the dose totals and distribution of dose to the individuals. You will receive this file via e-mail or fax, as you direct. Review the file and reply as specified in the report.

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact Technical Support.

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Submit via mail

Reports of personnel radiation monitoring under 10 CFR 20.2206 should be sent to:

    REIRS Project Manager
    Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
    U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Mail Stop: CSB-3A07M
    Washington, DC 20555-0001

Notice:  Due to the events of September 11, 2001, mail sent to the NRC via U.S. Mail may be subject to irradiation. Licensees should be alert to this fact. Electronic data files sent to the NRC by regular mail that has been subjected to irradiation will be damaged. For this reason, the NRC makes the following suggestions for alternative means of submitting annual data in electronic format. These alternatives are not mandatory, but may assist licensees in ensuring that their data files will not be damaged by irradiation.

  1. Send your electronic submittal to the above address via commercial express mail (e.g. FedEx, Airborne, DHL, etc.). Commercial express mail is not subject to irradiation.
  2. Send your electronic submittal directly to the NRC REIRS Project Manager. Be sure to mark on the outside of the package - "DO NOT IRRADIATE".

      REIRS Project Manager
      Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
      U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
      Mail Stop: CSB-3A07M
      11545 Rockville Pike
      Rockville, Maryland 20852-2738

  3. Send the electronic submittal directly to ORAU, and send a copy of the transmittal letter to the NRC.
  4. MAIL:

    All Packages and Fedex, UPS, Airborne deliveries go to:

      Attn: Derek Hagemeyer
      CER/MS MC-130/21
      1299 Bethel Valley Road
      Building SC-200
      Oak Ridge, TN 37830

    For regular Mail:

      Attn: Derek Hagemeyer
      CER/MS MC-130/21
      PO Box 117
      Oak Ridge, TN 37831-0117

Please contact the NRC or Technical Support for more information or any special accommodations for submitting electronic data files. For complete guidance on reporting to the NRC, see Regulatory Guide 8.7.

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NRC Forms 4 and 5

You can download pdf files for printing out blank NRC Form 4 or Form 5. The pdf files include both Form 4 and 5 and the instructions for filling out the forms.

Several licensees have been reporting Form 4s to the NRC. Form 4s are not required to be reported to the NRC under the Revised 10 CFR 20. Only NRC Form 5s for the monitoring year are required to be reported. Form 4s do not report all of the required information and cannot be used as a substitute in reporting under 10 CFR 20.2206.

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