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Radiation Exposure Information and Reporting System (REIRS) for Radiation Workers

The NRC's REIRS system provides the latest available information on radiation exposure to the workforce at certain NRC licensed facilities. It also contains information concerning the recording and reporting requirements of NRC licensees.  

REIRS contains several data bases that record the radiation exposure information submitted under 10 CFR Part 20, including termination reports submitted under the "old" 10 CFR 20.408, annual dose distribution reports submitted under the "old" 10 CFR 20.407, and annual exposure reports (Form 5) submitted under the Revised 10 CFR 20.2206.  Only "occupationally" exposed workers are included in the REIRS databases. This does not include radiation exposure to the public.



On June 19th, 2012, the NRC issued a Federal Register notice seeking public comment on the proposed draft NRC Form 5, Occupational Dose Record for a Monitoring Period. The NRC staff believes that the current NRC Form 5 should be modified to align with the existing TEDE definition in 10 CFR part 20. Specifically, the NRC- and Agreement State-licensees who are required to comply with Section 20.2206(b) or compatible State regulations should submit comments regarding:

  1. the layout of the proposed draft NRC Form 5,
  2. estimated economic costs associated with modifying existing information technology (IT) systems to include the new Effective Dose Equivalent for External Exposures (EDEX) field,
  3. estimated economic savings associated with calculating EDEX for certain occupational employees, and
  4. the clarity of the instructions provided for completing the proposed draft NRC Form 5, specifically concerning the use of EDEX and the new directions for blocks 11a and 11b.
See the Federal Register notice for more details.

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