U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Effluent Database for Nuclear Power Plants

Effluent Database

The data herein is presented in the format provided in Regulatory Guide 1.21, however, licensees are not required to follow guidance and in some instances the data was not submitted in the RG 1.21 format.  In those cases the data was carefully reformatted, ensuring no data was changed, to fit the format of the database.  A guide describing how to use the database and a list and explanation of the most common changes can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

This database does not replace the requirement for licensees to submit their annual effluent and environmental monitoring report to the NRC in either paper or electronic form.

In case of questions regarding the accuracy of the data presented, the original report submitted by the licensee must be consulted.  All of the annual reports are available to the public through ADAMS.  A list of ADAMS Accession Numbers organized by plant and year is provided.  Once you have the right Accession number you must access the ADAMS Public Library.

Data from 1993 and prior years was published as NUREG/CR-2967.  This publication can be found at the ADAMS Public Library using the following Accession Number: ML041450170

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