U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Effluent Database for Nuclear Power Plants

   This database is currently being developed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research to track annual aqueous and atmospheric effluent release data and offsite doses calculated for each nuclear power plant in the United States.

   Effluent release data and calculated doses to individuals offsite are submitted annually to the NRC in accordance with requirements outlined in 10 CFR 50.36(a)(2). Further discussion of these reports can be found in Regulatory Guide 1.21, which can be accessed through the NRC’s website.

   Effluent and dose data are entered directly from the annual reports submitted by each licensee. Questions related to a specific plant should be directed to the NRC Project Manager for that particular plant. General questions about the database should be directed to the Office of Public Affairs.

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